What is panel station

The Panel Station (TPS) is a platform for remunerated surveys present in 35 territories, including Mexico. In The Panel Station Mexico you will have the possibility to succeed money and fantastic prizes simply by sharing your review through surveys. If you are interested in knowing what The Panel Station is and how it works, I recommend that you continue reading this article where I explain everything.

How Panel Station works

 It is a reliable page that has more than an online decade distributing prizes and money to its members. In addition, its operation is very intuitive, it is based on three simple steps:

You register

Answer paid surveys

Request your payment in cash or vouchers

Next, I will explain in detail each of the steps so you can make the most of this page and make money with it.

Once the form is completed, you will have to access the email and verify your new The Panel Station account through the email that has arrived. This step is essential to confirm that the email you have provided exists and belongs to you.

How are the surveys of The Panel Station

The Panel Station will send you to your email between 1 and 4 invitations so that you participate in your paid surveys. Before you start, you can see how long a certain survey is paid. Surveys have an average duration of 10-15 minutes and a remuneration of up to 5000 points. Is it usual to win 5000 points? How much are they equivalent? No, it is not common to receive such a reward since 5000 points equals to 5 US dollars, practically 100 MXN (pesos). Most times, you will get between 500 and 2000 points for a questionnaire of fifteen minutes.

The surveys of The Panel Station are varied and entertaining; They deal with very different thematics from technology to household things going through finance, sports, cooking or lifestyle. Due to the wide number of categories and thematic, it is usual to meet in the situation that you can not participate in some polls because your profile does not fit with the features requested. In those cases, The Panel Station will also reward you with 20 points.

In addition to the surveys, you can accumulate extra points by inviting your friends to join the page. For this you will have to register through your referral link that panelstation is provided

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