What is an Insight Community?

Also known as Market Research Online Communities (MROC) is a private online space where clients can regularly discuss research-related topics.The benefit of a virtual research community is that it allows you to collect constructive and qualitative feedback from a changing group of people.An effective Insight Community will provide you with collaboration tools that allow the community to grow naturally over time. Forums, instant polls, consumer blogs, and bulletin boards are some of the interactive elements that researchers will use to spark a conversation.

How do Insight Communities work?

Typically, Insight Communities aim to create value through communication between members by sharing tips, advice, or simply discussing a topic.Insight Communities, like any organization that wants to achieve certain objectives, needs a certain hierarchy and rules that allow healthy interaction.Within this structure of the communities, there must be roles that delimit the different activities that are carried out. Hierarchies depend a lot on the size of the community, since there are communities with dozens or even hundreds of members who are self-regulating efficiently. However, for large-volume communities -speaking of thousands-, it is important to structure leaders, moderators, contributors and passives (that is, members who only dedicate themselves to watch and not participate).

Advantages of having an Insight Community

Being able to generate an Insight Community implies great advantages for companies, due to the amount of information they provide and the deepening of the concepts.Know the Profile of Consumers. Knowing who is the person who consumes our products and / or services is essential to guide our Marketing and Sales efforts focused on the reality of the consumer.With an Insight Community you not only know the profile information of who the person is, but you can also determine what their buying behavior is.

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