is our official selection for the Top Survey Site  PaidViewpoint has been a top survey site selection of ours for 6 consecutive years, as their survey panel continues to impress.

Why we like PaidViewpoint:

Straightforward, very reliable, responsive customer service, user-friendly platform, open to users internationally.

What it’s like taking surveys for them:

PaidViewpoint offers a simple, sleek survey taking platform that is easy to understand; simply log in to your account and complete the surveys available. Once you’ve taken $15 worth of surveys, request a payment via PayPal (or a gift card, if available in your country), and get paid within 72 hours of your request.

  • PaidViewpoint offers PayPal cash (and gift cards in the USA) for completing online surveys. You won’t get disqualified from studies, and few users experience problems with the platform.
  • Although America is their largest market, users in most English-speaking countries will experience some success with the website, making them a good global paid survey site option.
  • Daily ‘trait surveys’ make it possible for users to earn a small amount of income every day. These are available to users in all countries.
  • When new surveys are available, you can easily find them in your account dashboard. Surveys are only emailed when spots need to be filled immediately, or if a study is taking longer to fill.
  • PaidViewpoint has almost 1500 x 5 star reviews (out of around 2000 reviews), making it a favorite among survey takers.

PaidViewpoint offers an exceptional level of customer service . Their website and survey platform look very similar to the way it did when it was first created, but don’t let this fool you; the site is a fan-favorite, and the company has clearly taken a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, which has worked very well for them.

Rewards offered:

Cash paid via PayPal (in USD, regardless of your country of residence), and in the USA, Amazon gift cards and Walmart gift cards may be available.


PaidViewpoint is available to survey takers worldwide (though people in English speaking countries will experience the most success with the site).

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