How Does Maru Springboard America Work?

This is a survey panel providing surveys and access to focus groups in the USA, participating on issues such as product research, politics, economics and consumer services.

The Maru Group partners with numerous agencies including household brands, non profits, government bodies, and media companies to help them to understand their customers and consumers, in general, better.

Maru Springboard America appeals to companies looking to target an audience, including testing new product ideas. The platform and its users help to gain indepth insights through surveying, so they can create and market products in a better way.

However, Maru Springboard America assures users that all personal information will remain strictly confidential. Any personal details you supply will not be sold or exchanged to a third party without your consent. Just be sure to check the Privacy Policy before you join, so you can be assured that your information will remain safe.


What is Maru Springboard America Sign Up Process?

The sign up process is very simple and straightforward with most Maru Springboard America reviews praising the ease of use. You simply need to visit the official website and click the “sign up” link.

You will then be directed to a registration form, which requires answers to basic questions including your age, family status, habits, education level and attitudes. You will need to be completely accurate, as this information will be used to match you to surveys that match your demographics.

Once you complete the form, you will receive a confirmation email and after you click the link, the sign up process is complete.

Maru Springboard America is only open to those who are aged 18 or older and are a resident in the US. You will also need to confirm that you are not working in market research or any related industries.


How Much Maru Springboard America points are Worth?

You’ll earn points for each survey you complete or focus group that you participate in. Each point has a value of 1 cent, so 5,000 has a cash equivalent of $50.

How Much Can You Make from Maru Springboard America Online Surveys?

The most common way to earn money with Maru Springboard America is through online surveysThese can earn you between 50 and 500 points depending on the length and complexity of the survey. Surveys typically last 10 to 20 minutes. You can also earn money by participating in focus groups, which pays $100 per study.

Qualification for surveys depends on the research requirements and whether you match the target demographics. Relevant members are randomly selected to receive a survey.

Typically, this will be 1 to 4 surveys each month, but your participation is voluntary. You can take part in all or none of the invited surveys. However, to maintain your active status, you must participate in at least one survey every quarter.


Weekly Mosaic Survey

The weekly mosiac consists of different topics, but it is primarily designed to find out more about the user. This survey typically takes less than 10 minutes, but it provides the bonus of helping you to receive more relevant surveys. Maru Springboard America reviews also highlight that completing the Mosiac also provides entry into the quarterly sweepstakes, where you could win up to $750 in cash prizes.


Profiler Survey

The profiler survey is a survey based on a specific topic, asking questions about the user. Although profiler surveys don’t pay a great deal, they can help Maru Springboard America to match you with surveys.

Associate Surveys

Maru Springboard America may also invite you to take part conducted by an associate of Maru directly. Participation is voluntary, but you’ll be able to see how much you can earn before deciding if you would like to complete the survey.

Invite Friends

Maru Springboard America operates “Refer a Friend” campaigns. Randomly selected groups will have an opportunity to refer friends to join the community.

To be classified as a successful referral, your friend will need to confirm membership and participate in activities within their first month.

Not everyone is eligible to participate in inviting friends. Eligible participants will receive instructions via email before the start of a campaign.


The company runs three sweepstake draws:

Recruitment Sweepstakes is drawn yearly with one winner receiving $1,000. You’ll be automatically entered when you join the platform.

Users are entered into the participation sweepstakes, when they complete any survey. The draw takes place each month, and there is one winner of $500 and five winners of $50.

Finally, there is a profiling sweepstakes that you can enter when you complete a profiling survey. The draw takes place each month and there are ten winners who receive $100.

Winners of all the sweepstakes are selected at random and you’ll be notified via email. You will have 2 business days to accept your prize, which involves completing a form and accepting the terms and conditions. You’ll then receive your prize within 3 weeks.

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